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SmootieMS Client/Beta Client

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SmootieMS Client/Beta Client Empty SmootieMS Client/Beta Client

Post by Sleepy on Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:34 pm

Here is the client for SmootieMS and the Hamachi Network for you to access the game and server. We also have a website for making accounts and editing the birthday, NX, Teleporting to other towns, Debugging characters, and checking ranks! Please download the custom Wz file cause you will dc from the new stuff: Hair, Equips, Items, Npcs, Map, and mobs
Client Download: download.php?6ibbvvfs4ufvjdd


Hamachi Download:

Network: LeStory
Pass: 1234


Custom Maps and Items:

Download: ?w4jtgg8yjnaekdq <- Item.wz EVX9PMJ3 <- Character.wz C1R2ND4I <- Map.wz <- Npc.wz <- String.wz NXEFJPET <- Mob.wz

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