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[TUT] Login Screen Editing

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[TUT] Login Screen Editing Empty [TUT] Login Screen Editing

Post by Sleepy on Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:11 am

This guide merely provides you with the information where the graphics lie in your wz files.

If you have queries on spriting, don't ask me coz im bad at it too Big Grin.

/*Here's a free lightweight software for editing simple (Maplestory) graphics.

For transparency, go to Layers -> Layer Properties, then adjust the opacity level.

Step 1: Launch harepacker then open the wz file you want to edit.

Most of the graphics lie in
> Map.wz - object - login.img
> Map.wz - back - login.img
> UI.wz - login.img

Things people usually edit:

Frame: UI.wz > login.img > Common > frame

Maplestory Logo: Map.wz > obj > login.img > Title> Logo > 0 >... (according to bestklin Smile)

Signboard: Map.wz > object > login.img > Title > signboard > 0 > 0

Signboard buttons: UI.wz > login.img > Title > ...

Background: Map.wz > back > login > 11 or something like that lol. (from Hollywood. Thank him in post 6 Very Happy)

Step 2:

Once you found the image you want to change, you can either save the PNG and edit it so you don't have to start from scratch, or make a completely new one.

Step 3:

Having completed you new image, choose the PNG you want to change. In the menu bar above choose "Property", then "Change Property".

A popup should appear. Click "Browse PNG" then select your new image and click "open", then "submit".

Step 4:

Go to File, then save as GMS v62/75. Put the new wz file (replace the old one) in your GMS folder and boomz, you got it!

Credits to made4forum

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