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[TUT] Changing NPC Name/Flavor Text

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[TUT] Changing NPC Name/Flavor Text Empty [TUT] Changing NPC Name/Flavor Text

Post by Sleepy on Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:14 am

What you'll be changing...

[TUT] Changing NPC Name/Flavor Text 2nsxrty

How to do it?

Open up String.wz in HaRepacker

Go down to Npc.img and double click it

Find the npc id of the npc you'd like to change and double click it.
This will drop down several things, all which can be edited.

d options - these are quest related, 0 = before quest is done 1+ during/after quest completion, depends on the npc

func - this you will change the content to change the title under the npc's name

n0 and up - changing what the npc says in the little chat bubble above thier head when you aren't talking to them (note: the higher the number, the less frequent the message will be seen. i'd suggest not going over 3)

name - changes the npc's name

After all of that, highlight/select the NPC.img, then go to the top and click on XML, and choose dump. Then proceed to go to file, then save, to save over your old string.wz.

After it's saved, you need to place the npc.img xml file that you dumped from before, into the string.wz folder in your server files, and make sure you restart to be sure the changes show, and you're all set. =3

here's a pic to help understand

[TUT] Changing NPC Name/Flavor Text 5d6hqu

A note on required things:
I do believe the minimum you need is at least one n# property, and a name property, the rest is optional.

A note on Player NPC's: You must look up the player npc script ID in your DB to change a specific player npc's properties.

Credits to :thelostonesway

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