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[TUT] How to edit Sound.wz!

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[TUT] How to edit Sound.wz! Empty [TUT] How to edit Sound.wz!

Post by Sleepy on Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:19 am


After long hours of trying to attempt this, I would like to release this guide to help others as they attempt to modify Sound.wz. This guide will demonstrate how to add music into Sound.wz through the use of the "Change Property" function.

What do you need?
-HaRepacker: ?tyny2jm2zzc
-Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5:

(For the dll's, drag them into your "WINDOWS\System32" folder. These are neccesary for the repacker to function properly.)


[*]Download HaRepacker and extract it into any directory.
[*]Download the dll's and drag them into "WINDOWS\System32" folder.
[*]Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.
[*]Download and install HexWorkshop.

Section I: Opening Sound.wz

* Start HaRepacker.exe and click on "File" at the top left corner, click on "Load", then browse to your MapleStory directory and select Sound.wz.

[TUT] How to edit Sound.wz! 2nsbbma

Section II: Preparing Music for Sound.wz Import

* Adding new music into Sound.wz can be quite difficult for beginners; thus we will be doing a more simplified version of this. I will be changing the login music at the login menu. First, double click on Bgm/UI, then click on "Title." If done correctly, it should look something like this:

[TUT] How to edit Sound.wz! R90ca9

* At the top left corner of HaRepacker, click on "Property", then click on "Change Property." If done correctly, you should be seeing this:

[TUT] How to edit Sound.wz! 2vkcc5d

Now, you should see that "Content" is empty. This is where you will write the location of your file. Before we do that, we must first prepare your song so it can be imported into Sound.wz. Keep that box open.

* Open up HexWorkshop and simply drag your song into it. IT MUST BE MP3 FORMAT IN ORDER FOR IT TO WORK. Make sure the beginning of the file starts with "49", if not, you need to use a MP3 file. As long as the beginning byte starts with "49", then you're ready to go. It should look something like this:

[TUT] How to edit Sound.wz! 14j9849

* You will need to insert a hex string in order the client to be able to play the song. To do so, simply highlight and copy these lines of code:

02 83 EB 36 E4 4F 52 CE 11 9F 53 00 20 AF 0B
A7 70 8B EB 36 34 4F 52 CE 11 9F 53 00 20 AF
0B A7 70 00 01 81 9F 58 05 56 C3 CE 11 BF 01
00 AA 00 55 59 5A 1E 55 00 02 00 44 AC 00 00
C0 5D 00 00 01 00 00 00 0C 00 01 00 02 00 00
00 72 02 01 00 00 00

* Next, go back to HexWorkshop with your song open, click infront of the 49, go to "Edit" on the top left-corner, click on "Paste Special", a box will pop up with a bunch of selections, select "CF_TEXT" (should already be highlighted for you) then check "Interpret as a Hexidecimal String" and then click on "Paste." If done correctly, you should see something like this:

[TUT] How to edit Sound.wz! 349f68m

* Next, save the file and the text color should not be red anymore. Close HexWorkshop and try to listen to your song. If your audio player can not play the song, the song will not work. The best option at that point is to select another song and re-do all the previous steps.

Section III: Adding Music into Sound.wz and Server Files

* Now that you have your song prepared, go back to the "Change Property" box. In the "Content" section, write the location of your song. For example, mine is located at "C:\Documents and Settings\Allen\Desktop\Amber.mp3" It would look something like this:

[TUT] How to edit Sound.wz! 2nrmvpv

After you have written the location of your audio file, click on "Submit" and the box should close. Next, click on "File", then click on "Save" and overwrite your Sound.wz file. Rendering the new Sound.wz may take some time depending on your computer specifications.

* Now that you have your new Sound.wz ready, we need to add the modified XML into your server files. Close HaRepacker and re-open it. Relocate your new Sound.wz file and click on "Bgm/UI". Click on "XML" on the top right corner then click on "Dump". Your new XML file named "Bgm/UI" should be in either your HaRepacker folder or your MapleStory folder. The final step is to move the new XML into "WZ\Sound.wz" in your server files.

Section IV: Ensuring your import was successful.


* Once you are at the login menu, you should be able to hear your song. If not, either post your problem, make sure you followed all steps correctly, or make sure you moved the new XML into the WZ folder located in your server files.

Credits to : Moxy

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