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SmootieMs Update #2

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SmootieMs Update #2 Empty SmootieMs Update #2

Post by Sleepy on Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:22 pm

Ok we are almost done with the new repack for the server! We are sorry for players that had join the server at it's early stage because now we must change the database in the process of deleting the accounts, but we will be giving player's free scrolling coupon 30k stat to upgrade your weapons plus a GM equips as thanks for playing the server.(Event ends on the July 30th)

New Server info for New Repack:
-Added Auto Job system (Works after you have chosen your first job.)
-Added Auto Medal System
-Added Mini-Wedding-PQ
-Removed MapleTv
-Fixed Super Rebirth
-Added New Mobs in FM
-Voting Point Npc
-SmootieMs's Custom Gaucpon
-Added PVP System
-New Commands
-Much More......
-Working Mu Lung Dojo (For a party still portal error)

Working On:
-Henesys PQ

Pictures: Coming Soon

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