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V83 Updating To v106

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V83 Updating To v106 Empty V83 Updating To v106

Post by Sleepy on Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:23 pm

As you may know it's boring having old stuff, so I imported GMS v106 items, hair, clothing and etc.

Update Images

Title: (Note this isn't apart of the updated!)

V83 Updating To v106 114

Character Creation:

V83 Updating To v106 214
V83 Updating To v106 314
V83 Updating To v106 414
V83 Updating To v106 513

Update Notes

-Removed Job Advancing Npc
-Added Auto Job Advance
-Added Auto Event
-Working Mu Lung Dojo
-Weapon Levelup System & Weapon Damage/Repair
-Armor Levelup System & Armor Damage/Repair
-Removed Old Character Creation Stuff.
-Added New Character Creation Stuff.


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