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Smootie Town (Custom City)

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Smootie Town (Custom City) Empty Smootie Town (Custom City)

Post by Sleepy on Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:54 am

Smootie Town (Custom City) Title11

Smootie Town
A town hidden in a place deep within the forest of darkness. This town is the home of all GM's with so many custom maps, items, and Npcs, that it's hidden from outsider. There are only two ways to get into this town. Way 1: Taking the Trial of Heroes and passing 3 of those trial. Way 2: Take the Private Cab directly into the city, but you'll need the key to the town.

Timeless Quest/PQ
Within this new patch you will have a set of new maps and new npc's with new quest! The story line follows how timeless weapons are made and what they were use for. Story: The goddess of time and space has been defeated. It is your job to face against challenges and over the bosses to restore the time and space and for that you new a weapon that is unaffected by time and space the "Timeless Weapon". It is said that a weapon that powerful can only be made by the "Creator of Time and Space", but sadly the creator fell ill and died long ago. You must seek out the Creator's son and ask him to help you on your quest to restore Time and Space!

Smootie Town (Custom City) Title212
(B) = Buggy
(D) = Done
(%) = Still in the process
(F) = Fail
(_) = Yet to Start
(HELP) = Needs Help

Smootie Town (Custom City) Title112
-Pvp Battle Arena (B)
-Gm Headquarters (D)
-V99 Hair Style & Equips (D)
-Timeless Quest/PQ (%)
-Player Hangout (D)
-New Events (_)
-Gm Training Rooms (_)
-New Songs (_)
-New Shops/NPC's (_)
-Ring Effect (_)

Smootie Town (Custom City) Pic110
Smootie Town (Custom City) Pvp_ti10
Smootie Town (Custom City) Lol210
Smootie Town (Custom City) Lol110

Smootie Town (Custom City) Big_ba10

Smootie Town (Custom City) 113
Smootie Town (Custom City) 213
Smootie Town (Custom City) 313
Smootie Town (Custom City) 413
Smootie Town (Custom City) 512
Smootie Town (Custom City) 612
Smootie Town (Custom City) 711
Smootie Town (Custom City) 811
Smootie Town (Custom City) 911
Smootie Town (Custom City) 1011

Smootie Town (Custom City) Videos10

Sleepy: Anyone willing to take on one of those features to code? If so Message me!

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Smootie Town (Custom City) Empty GM Training Room

Post by Teckpwn on Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:20 am

You can just do !level

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